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What issues need to be paid attention to when installing instruments?

What issues need to be paid attention to when installing instruments?
July 09, 2024

The air compressor instrument should be installed in a place convenient for maintenance and inspection, and the pressure instrument and temperature instrument should be installed on the same pipe. The measuring hole of the pressure instrument is drilled in front of the temperature measuring hole (according to the direction of medium flow) to prevent the pressure measurement from being affected by the eddy current in the fluid caused by the obstruction of the thermometer.

Power-on requirements: All wiring should be performed with the power off, and the relevant drawings should be carefully checked before power-on. Only after confirmation is correct can power on. Especially for wiring with a presensor, avoid reverse connection to avoid adverse consequences.

1. Precautions when installing the transmitter. The transmitter must be calibrated before installation. The instrument must be handled with care during installation and transportation to avoid bumps and damage to the transmitter. The installation must be firmly fixed, and the pressure interface must be tightly sealed and cannot leak. Strong electromagnetic interference should be avoided around the transmitter. The transmission cables used for pressure transmitter signals must not be mixed with power cables, and the wiring must be correct and firm.

2. Precautions when installing on-site pressure gauges: For pressure gauges installed on-site, the height of the dial center from the ground should be 1.5m (to facilitate the operation personnel to view the readings). When measuring the pressure of a medium with severe fluctuations, a buffer device should be installed after the instrument valve. The local pressure gauge used to measure vacuum should be set higher than the source component.

3. Precautions when installing switching instruments. Switching instruments should be installed in a location that is easy to adjust and maintain, with little vibration. The instrument should be installed firmly, and the contact action should be flexible and reliable. The switch for measuring bearing lubricating oil pressure should be consistent with the center elevation of the bearing. Otherwise, the correction value of the liquid column height should be considered when setting. When installing the float level switch, the installation orientation of the flange hole should ensure that the float rises and falls on the same vertical plane. The length of the connecting pipe between the flange and the container should ensure that the float can move freely within the full range.

4. Precautions when installing the ultrasonic liquid level meter. The installation location should be as stable as possible with a stable liquid level and a flat material surface. At the same time, stay away from escalators, feed openings, and discharge openings, and keep as far away from the container wall as possible. Stay away from the mixer. The installation interface requires that the opening size is large enough. When installing with a flange, the length of the pipe under the flange must be designed reasonably.

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