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Where does the water in the air compressor come from?

Where does the water in the air compressor come from?
July 08, 2024

Because there is always moisture in the air, also known as humidity, it will become supersaturated after compression, and the moisture in the air will be analyzed into liquid. The moisture content in compressed air is related to the humidity of the air. If the computer room environment is too humid, the moisture content in the air will exceed the usage standard.

The automatic drainer of the air compressor itself is blocked or the automatic drainer of the air storage tank is blocked.

The corresponding dryer is not installed or does not work properly after installation (the drying equipment malfunctions and is not detected and processed in time). The compressed gas from the final air compressor is not processed in time, resulting in increased moisture. Unable to meet normal use requirements.

Inadequate post-installation measures. In the production process that has strict requirements on compressor gas quality, there are generally facilities such as precision filters to purify the gas twice until it meets the production requirements. In order to ensure that the gas quality meets the production process requirements, when your air compressor has water, you can promptly check the cause based on the above situation, find out the fault, and take remedial measures. If the air compressor does not drain water, the water content in the compressed air will increase, affecting the quality of air consumption and affecting the back-end air equipment; the oil and gas separation effect will become worse, and the pressure difference of the oil and gas separator will increase, which will also cause damage to parts. corrosion.

How is water produced?

When the air compressor is working, the temperature inside the machine head is very high, and the moisture in the natural air sucked in during the operation of the air compressor will form water vapor. The gas storage tank not only provides buffer and storage space for compressed air, but also can reduce pressure and cool down. When the compressed air passes through the gas storage tank, the high-speed air flow hits the wall of the gas storage tank and merges. The temperature inside the gas storage tank drops rapidly, causing a large amount of water vapor to liquefy and form condensed water. If you experience humid weather or winter, more condensation will form. When do you usually drain? Adjust according to the specific use environment and working conditions, regularly discharge the condensed water or install an automatic drainage device. Mainly depends on the humidity of the inhaled air and the outlet temperature of the air compressor. You can also install an automatic drainer for processing.

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