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Understand the air intake and power system of air compressor

Understand the air intake and power system of air compressor
July 09, 2024

The permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor manufacturer will help you understand the air intake system and power system of the permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor to help you further understand the permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor. The air intake system is composed of the air filter assembly It is composed of air intake hose, air intake valve, solenoid valve, load relief valve, pressure regulating valve, proportional valve, control pipeline and other components.

Working principle of the air intake system: The solenoid valve executes the loading/unloading instructions given by the electrical control system, opens/closes the air intake valve, and the air is pressed into the air filter assembly, flows through the air intake hose, and flows into the screw host through the air intake valve ( Since the air inlet of the main engine has negative pressure, after the air inlet valve is opened, a large amount of air is forced into the main engine). The air filter assembly is composed of an air filter element, a silencer shell, etc.

The air filter element is used to prevent external impurities from entering the screw host, to prevent the screw from being blocked by inhaled impurities, or from clogging the filter (oil filter, oil separator) due to inhaled dust, causing malfunction of the machine. The control pipeline is connected to the oil and gas barrel (separated clean compressed air) to control the opening and closing of the intake valve. 2. Power system The power system consists of screw host, drive motor, transmission device (belt, pulley or coupling), connecting parts (bolts, gaskets and other standard parts) and other components.

The working principle of the power system: the motor executes the operating command (star-delta step-down start), the motor drives the screw host through the transmission device, and the screw host begins to inhale, compress and exhaust air (the air inlet of the screw host is in a negative pressure state during operation, so Natural suction phenomenon will occur), and the screw host sprays lubricating oil during the compression process to improve the working efficiency of the host. As long as the screw host rotates, there will be suction, compression, exhaust and other working states. illustrate:

The five major functions of lubricating oil are: sealing the compression chamber to reduce leakage (sealing), absorbing and taking away compression heat (cooling), forming an oil film on the surface of the compression chamber and bearings to avoid direct metal contact (lubrication), and lubricating oil can also be flushed The impurities that have not been filtered out of the intake air (cleaning) and the adhesion of lubricating oil can effectively block the exposure of noise (noise reduction).

Note: There are three common driving methods for transmission devices, one is belt transmission, the other is coupling transmission, and the other is coaxial transmission through the host motor (the motor rotor is fixed on the extended shaft of the male rotor of the screw host) ), the power system is controlled by the electronic control system


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