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Use and maintenance of air compressor in summer

Use and maintenance of air compressor in summer
July 02, 2024

Is the air compressor placed on a window near the sun? Or some processing plants put air compressors on the roof. Solution:

1. Check the temperature and environment of the air compressor room. If there is heat or high temperature, please adjust it as soon as possible.

2. Improve the exhaust system of the air compressor station and increase the exhaust fan in the air compressor room to reduce the temperature. Air-cooled air compressor to avoid heat pipe radiator blockage.

After an air-cooled air compressor is used for a period of time, a layer of stains will form on the surface of the heat pipe radiator, and the internal structure will also become clogged, which can easily lead to poor heat conduction. Solution: Heat pipe radiators should be kept smooth and clean at all times. When the working conditions are relatively smokey, the heat pipe radiator should be cleaned of the smoke and dust frequently. In addition, the vents of the refrigeration compressor should be cleaned regularly. Water-cooled heat dissipation air compressor to avoid high temperatures in the cooling tower. Blockage of the cooling tower results in poor heat dissipation characteristics, causing the generator set to be overheated.

Solution: The water seepage temperature of the air compressor generally does not exceed 35°C, and the pressure is between 0.3~0.5mpa. At the same time, the cooling tower scale is removed to ensure heat exchange efficiency. If the water temperature does not meet the requirements, a closed cooling tower can be installed at an appropriate location. The air filter element, hydraulic oil filter element, oil element element, etc. are blocked. Blockage of the air filter element will cause excessive load on the air compressor and long-term loading, resulting in high temperatures; blockage of the oil core will cause excessive internal pressure, resulting in high temperatures; blockage of the oil filter will cause the flow rate to decrease, and the air compressor will generate heat due to High temperatures gradually develop. Solution: Maintain the air compressor, replace and clean the air filter element, hydraulic oil filter element, oil element element, etc. in time to reduce the temperature, thereby reducing the high temperature shutdown of the air compressor in summer.

If there is not enough grease and the engine oil is not added or replaced, the car engine oil may change in quality, causing too much friction and causing the air compressor to overheat. Solution: Regularly maintain the oil level and replace the compressor oil on time. Engine damage and damage to the internal structure of the air compressor will also cause the exhaust pipe temperature to be too high. Check whether there is any abnormal noise from the top of the air compressor head.

If there are obvious knocking and sharp sounds during operation, it proves that the air compressor is severely damaged and the bearings are damaged. Solution: Change the bearing parts and the inspection head of the rotor. If they are seriously worn, they can be replaced. Post-treatment process system software sewage treatment drainage pipeline. Drain the condensate from the steam tank and reverse osmosis equipment on time every day to ensure the normal operation of the dryer, and check the drainage equipment for drainage.

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