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Screw air compressor usage rules

Screw air compressor usage rules
July 04, 2024

1.The operating environment of the air compressor should be kept clean and dry. The gas storage tank must be placed in a well-ventilated place, and sunlight exposure and high-temperature baking are strictly prohibited.

2. The installation of the air compressor power cord must comply with the requirements of the electrical regulations, the repeated grounding must be reliable, and the electric shock protector must be sensitive. If the screw compressor encounters a power outage during operation, the power supply should be cut off immediately and restarted after the call comes.

3. The screw compressor starts in a no-load state. After normal operation, it gradually enters load operation.

4. Before opening the air supply valve, the air compressor gas pipeline should be connected. The gas pipeline should be kept smooth and cannot be twisted.

5. The maximum pressure in the gas tank cannot exceed the specifications on the nameplate, and the safety valve should be sensitive and effective.

6.Chongqing screw compressor inlet and exhaust valves, bearings and other components should have no abnormal noise or overheating.

7. When any of the following conditions are found, the machine should be shut down immediately for inspection and can only be operated after the cause is found and rectified: air compressor leaks, leaks, electricity leaks or sudden interruption of cooling water; indications from the pressure gauge, temperature gauge and ammeter of the variable frequency air compressor The value exceeds the specified value; the exhaust pressure of the permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor suddenly rises, and the exhaust valve and safety valve fail; the low-pressure air compressor has abnormal mechanical noise or strong sparks occur in the motor brush.

8. When using the compressed air of a scroll machine to blow parts, it is strictly prohibited to aim the air outlet at the human body or other equipment.


9. When the oil-free scroll machine is shut down, the load should be removed first, then the main clutch should be disconnected, and then the screw compressor motor should be stopped.


10. After the brand air compressor is shut down, close the cooling water valve, open the air release valve, and release the oil, water and air stored in the coolers and air storage tanks at all levels.

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