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Extend air compressor life

Extend air compressor life
July 02, 2024

Permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor is an important power device for production enterprises. Enterprises spend a lot of manpower and material resources here every year to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Under normal circumstances, the service life of air compressors generally ranges from 5 to 8 years. , so is there any way to make it last longer?

1. Perform a manual exhaust test on the gas storage tank safety valve regularly every week to ensure the safety of the safety valve;

2. Do a good job in cleaning the silent air compressor equipment. It is strictly forbidden to rinse the air compressor with cold water after long-term operation;

3. Keep the surface of the air compressor storage tank clean. It is strictly prohibited to carry out thermal processing near the gas storage tank. In addition, the gas storage tank needs to undergo a hydraulic pressure test once a year, and the air pressure gauge and safety valve need to be inspected once a year;

4. Regularly train the skills of machine room operators to ensure that all operators have a comprehensive grasp of the performance, structure and functions of the equipment, and are familiar with basic operations and maintenance work;


5. The silent air compressor equipment should be placed away from places with serious steam and dust. In addition, a filter device should be installed at the air inlet.

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