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The air compressor does not pump air and the pressure is insufficient

The air compressor does not pump air and the pressure is insufficient
July 10, 2024

In the daily maintenance of air compressors, air compressors often fail to pump air and have insufficient gas pressure. The specific manifestations are: the air compressor discharges unpressurized gas and when the car engine is running, the air compressor flows to the storage tank. When the gas tank is inflated, the pressure gauge indicates the normal pressure value. Air compressor maintenance clearly points out the common reasons and solutions for air compressor not pumping during loading:

1. The bypass valve is not open: When the air compressor is turned on, the air pressure will be slowly built up. When the pressure reaches 5 Bar (like most air compressors), the bypass valve is opened through the relay to regulate the cylinder, and the air compressor sucks air. When the air enters the loading state and the air compressor does not have an air inlet, there may be three reasons: relay (circuit, oil circuit board, pipeline). cylinder (pump shell or pulse damper, sealing, pipeline) .The bypass valve (pump casing or pulse damper, sealing, pipeline) fails.

2. False loading of the air compressor: The main reason for the false loading of the air compressor is that the input and output points of the PLC are faulty. The PLC is in the operating loading state. Due to the output fault, no signal is given to the relay, causing the intake wheel to malfunction. run. Maintenance of PLC requires professional air compressor maintenance engineers. Amateurs are not recommended to disassemble and assemble casually

3. Failure of the low pressure check valve: It is easy to identify whether the low pressure check valve is malfunctioning. When the pressure in the machine is very high but there is no pressure output, it can be determined that the low pressure check valve is malfunctioning. If the low pressure check valve fails, the best way is to replace it.

4. Air compressor server failure: Air compressor server failure is difficult to deal with. Server failure includes: Damage to the masculine and yin motor rotors: There is also relatively large damage between the masculine and yin motor rotors and the inner wall of the motor stator. Under the condition, the internal leakage of the air compressor is very large, and the air compressor may not be pumped after loading; Air compressor lubricating grease and finished oil: The price of screw compressor air compressor oil is slightly more expensive, and some illegal dealers are using it If the operator adds non-air compressor oil, the air compressor grease will emulsify and sealing cannot be established, resulting in extremely low working efficiency of the air compressor and even no gas production.

At this time, air compressor operators can hear that the noise of most air compressors is very different between actual full load and actual load, mainly the noise at the breathing end is very obvious. When the internal leakage is large, there will be noise changes at the breathing end without causing pressure. In this case, it is certain that the air compressor is lazy and not pumping air. The air compressor is not pumping when loading, which is a common air compressor failure. Generally, professional air compressor maintenance personnel can help you solve this problem quickly. Cause of insufficient gas pressure: The pressure gauge fails. The transmission belt between the air compressor and the generator is too loose and deviated, or the connection between the air compressor and the gas tank is cracked or the connection joint is leaking. The oil and gas separator, pipeline or air filter element is clogged due to too much accumulation. Please maintain it in time. The air compressor automatic exhaust valve plate is not tightly sealed, the torsion spring is too soft or broken, the air compressor cylinder head anchor bolts are loose. The sand holes and cylinder head gasket are damaged and steam leaks.

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