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Things to note when stopping and starting up an oil-free screw air compressor

Things to note when stopping and starting up an oil-free screw air compressor
July 04, 2024

During the shutdown period, if possible, the air compressor should be heated as much as possible; if not possible, the compressor should be covered with plastic sheeting or other shelters to block wind and snow.

When the air compressor unit is working, the temperature is relatively high; after shutdown, due to the low external temperature, a large amount of condensed water will be produced and exist in the pipeline. If it is not discharged in time, the cold weather in winter may cause blockage, freezing and cracking of the exhaust pipe of the air compressor and other equipment. Therefore, after the air compressor is shut down for cooling in winter, be sure to drain all gas, oil and liquid water in the compressor and pipelines.

After the machine is shut down during the holidays, the operator is asked to turn off the power, open each drainage and sewage valve, and try his best to quickly turn the coupling in the direction specified by the arrow with your hands to make the machine rotate quickly and drain out the water in the machine as much as possible.

Before starting the machine for the first time after the holiday, please check the various valves that were opened before the holiday. Before starting the machine for the first time (power off), turn the coupling by hand to see if it is operating normally. If there is no abnormality, you can start the machine.

Pay attention to instant startup. Because the ambient temperature is too low, the fluidity of the lubricating oil is weakened, causing damage to the machine body. If possible, increase the ambient temperature before starting the machine. Pay close attention to the oil injection pressure when starting the machine. Some machine gears run at very high speeds. If the oil is not filled in time, the gears may be damaged).

It is not recommended to use the automatic operation function of the air compressor in extremely cold environments.

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