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Oil-free air compressor station configuration requirements

Oil-free air compressor station configuration requirements
July 04, 2024

Oil-free air compressors should have an independent station building. The station building should be far away from the source of vibration and as far away from places with steam, corrosive gases, high temperatures, high humidity, and flying dust from permanent magnet variable frequency air compressors.

The station building must be ventilated to ensure that the ambient temperature inside the station building is not higher than 45°C; the station building should be spacious and bright, equipped with lifting equipment, and sound insulation measures should be considered. If you choose an oil-free air compressor or a centrifugal oil-free air compressor, there is no oil in the compressed air and very little dust content, and the dust particle size of the gray permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor is less than 5 μm, so the use of oil-free air compressors is There is no need to install additional precision compressed air filters and precision oil filters in the discharged pipeline. It only needs to be equipped with a heatless dryer or freeze dryer on the pipeline to remove 99.19% of the water in the compressed air. The resulting compressed air can meet the temperament requirements for factory maintenance.

For permanent magnet variable frequency air compressors with more than two stages, it is difficult to clean the hard foreign matter particles in the pipelines and interstage coolers during the commissioning stage.

Hard particles are mostly blown into the small vortex areas of pipes and containers. When there is air flow, some hard particles of different sizes remain motionless, and some rotate in local spaces with the air flow. It is difficult for the air flow to blow away those particles.

Both new and repaired piston permanent magnet variable frequency air compressors have a running-in process. This process will determine the operating quality of the compressor for a long time after it leaves the factory.

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