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Air compressor intake valve failure repair

Air compressor intake valve failure repair
July 05, 2024

The air compressor inlet valve is closed during operation, and the electric motor drives the server to full load. When loading, the air inlet valve is opened. It is a bronchus of more than 5 mm that is led out from the cover of the oil and gas separator. The intake valve is controlled by the power switch of the solenoid valve (the solenoid valve is an on and off solenoid valve). That is, when the solenoid valve is plugged in, no air is compressed. The air valve and the intake valve are automatically opened, the intake valve is loaded, and the air compressor gradually refuels.

When the solenoid valve turns off the power, compressed air enters the intake valve, the standard air pressure pushes up the piston rod, the intake valve closes, and the exhaust valve opens. It enters the exhaust pipe of the purge valve and is sucked all the way into the refrigeration compressor. There is a connector on the purge valve that can adjust the size of the exhaust pipe and control the pressure in the oil and gas separator barrel. The pressure is generally adjustable to 3 kg. The pressure increases clockwise and the pressure decreases in the opposite direction. After adjustment, tighten the nut.

Analysis on troubleshooting of oil-free air compressor intake valve

Based on the understanding of the entire operation process of the air compressor, we know that the loading valve is a frequently loaded and unloaded component. For fixed-frequency generators, the air compressor air supply is controlled based on the loading and unloading pressure. When the generator is not loading and unloading, the unloading valve switch is used to complete this function.

1. Pay attention to the loading pressure of the generator set during daily operation;

2. Use the sound of loading and unloading to directly determine whether there is any mechanical noise during the unloading process;

3. According to the maintenance plan, perform a reliable inspection of the add-on every 10,000 hours of operation to ensure that it is fully operational, otherwise replace it immediately.

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