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Analysis of the causes of heating of the screw air compressor host

Analysis of the causes of heating of the screw air compressor host
July 11, 2024

When the screw air compressor is operating, sometimes the machine will overheat. This is caused by the screw air compressor exhaust temperature being too high and the operating parts getting hot.

1. Environmental issues If there is no good ventilation and heat dissipation during the operation of the machine, it will have a great impact on the equipment. The main factors that affect the heat dissipation of the environment around the air compressor are: the space where the air compressor is placed is relatively small or other obstacles are too close, which is not conducive to timely heat dissipation; there may be other heat sources near the air compressor. In this regard, it is recommended Install and use the air compressor in strict accordance with the operating instructions and environmental requirements of the screw air compressor.

2. The problem of radiator clogging. The air compressor has been used for a long time. If it is not maintained in time, more dust will inevitably fall on the machine. This will cause a layer of dust or sludge to adhere to the surface of the radiator, forming scale, which will Seriously affects the heat dissipation effect of the air compressor. A dirty oil filter may also cause the air compressor to overheat to a certain extent. The oil filter of the screw air compressor will be too dirty so that the oil cannot enter the air compressor at the normal flow rate. It is easy for the screw air compressor to heat up rapidly due to insufficient cooling and lubricating oil, causing the machine to heat up. Of course, the cooling oil level is too low. It is recommended that the screw air compressor should be maintained and maintained regularly to avoid the above situation.

3. Due to the problem of low oil grade or poor oil quality, the screw air compressor should use the manufacturer’s original air compressor oil. If other low grade or inferior oil is used, the return viscosity and specific heat may not reach the standard, causing the temperature to rise. Problems such as being too high.

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