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Demagnetization occurs in permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor

Demagnetization occurs in permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor
July 06, 2024

During the use of permanent magnet air compressors, the motor often encounters the problem of demagnetization. Here are three methods to reduce demagnetization.

The motor in the permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor operates under conditions such as large current and high temperature, so it will cause demagnetization. So how to avoid this problem?

Change the design plan. During the design stage, we should consider the relationship between demagnetization, electromagnetic torque, and armature reaction. The motor is under the combined action of the magnetic flux generated by the torque winding current and the magnetic flux generated by the radial force winding. , it is easy for demagnetization to occur. If the air gap of the motor remains unchanged and the permanent magnets are not demagnetized, the thickness of the permanent magnets needs to be increased. High temperature can demagnetize, and high temperature is inevitably generated during the operation of the air compressor. Therefore, heat dissipation needs to be taken into consideration during the design phase of the product. Temperature reduction can be achieved through ventilation circuits.

Avoid starting the air compressor under high load conditions or starting frequently. The asynchronous starting torque of the air compressor will oscillate, and the torque valley section during the starting process of the equipment will have a demagnetizing effect on the rotating magnetic pole. The editor recommends We try not to run the asynchronous permanent magnet synchronous motor under load or start it frequently.

Choose the air compressor motor power that suits your gas needs. Demagnetization is also related to the power obtained by the equipment. Choosing an air compressor with power that meets your requirements can slow down the demagnetization time. To avoid high temperatures in the air compressor, choose a higher power one. Avoid running the air compressor at full capacity all the time to lower the temperature.


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