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5 lubrication methods for air compressors

5 lubrication methods for air compressors
July 08, 2024

Lubrication is carried out in different ways, and there are the following five situations:

Pressure lubrication method: Use machinery (such as oil pumps, oil injectors) to automatically apply lubricating oil to pressure lubrication parts, also called pressure lubrication method. This method is used in large and medium-sized air compressors with crossheads.

Splash lubrication method: The oil rod installed on the connecting rod throws away the oil and splashes it to various lubricating parts for lubrication. Therefore, the cylinder and the moving mechanism can only be lubricated with the same lubricating oil. This method is mostly used in small air compressors without crossheads. Its disadvantage is that the oil is not easy to filter and the oil level must be strictly controlled.

Inject lubricating oil. The injected oil mist will follow the gas into the cylinder and other lubrication locations. For example, high-pressure air compressors, sliding vane air compressors and screw air compressors all use oil injection lubrication.

Oil dripping lubrication method: Use oil cups and oil pipelines to deliver lubricating oil to the parts that should be refueled, or use an oil bottle to refill lubricating oil on time.

Oil ring lubrication method uses the rotating shaft to drive the oil ring that is movable on the shaft. The oil ring brings the oil in the oil pool into the bearing and enters the circulating lubrication.

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